Beyondmindeyesstudio is a graphic blog that its lady owner wants to share her interest, passion, little knowledge and skills in design. Also want to make friendship and build network with everybody especially designers.


Art for her is what she sees, what she feels, what she appears what she concludes... She is.... - ex- product design student - mantan Graphic Designer for Advertising co. - fulltime in house worker She loves: -graphic design, product design, freehand sketch,3d modelling, animation, art,craft, tecnology,ICT and many more..


Name : Miss Beyond

Gender: Female

Astrological Sign: Capricorn.. wehh tak leh cayer...

Industry: Graphics

Studies background : Product Industrial Design

Occupation: Blog writer and graphic designer at beyondmindeyesstudio blog (also starting doing freelance)

Experience : Working at an engineering company as graphic designer, handling multimedia division and DTP. Working at an advertising company as graphic designer and clerk.

Location: Malaysia

Interests : reading, drawing, scrapbooking, perfume, candles, chocolate, candles art, graphic and product design

Favorite Music : ballads and nasheed

Favorite Books : sketch book interesting design book

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