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0 Modeling Design vs Packaging Design

Assalamulaikum dan salam sejahtera..

Posting baru ini masih lagi berkisar tentang rekabentuk model dari perisan Rhinoceros.. Oh apakah!! ku dah jatuh chenta dengan perisian ini.. ???? hahaha Semakin hari semakin biasa dengan perisian ini dan lebih selesa gunakan perisian ini dari 3D Max.

First let's see a model design of a bottle.. It can be a multipurpose bottle.

Modeling design description:
Model design: Washing Liquid bottle
Software : Rhinoceros

A yellow bottle with blue cap..

three various colours

Now we add the packaging design to the bottle. I am using Adobe Photoshop and get the pictures from Google. Sorry it just a simple packaging design.. :)

The perspective view
Ultra Max Washing Liquid.. can it compete with Dynamo, Breeze and etc??? lol

The front view

Anyone want to hire me to model a bottle and the packaging design??? :p


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